Welcome to Peplandia!

This is a small-scaled but comfy world. It was formed around Pepyaka the little bunny.

Where did Peplandia come from?

It all started from a blank sheet. It was and was frightening with whiteness.

And then there was Pepyaka. He was not embarrassed by the whiteness (perhaps a little). He walked back and forth, ran in circles, and unhesitatingly entered his house in the carrot tree, where his mom was cooking his favorite pie.

At this point, Peplandia already existed. It was tiny, but no doubt it was.

Very soon, Pepyaka will go on his first journey and, without knowing it, will fill a blank sheet with meanings and entities. After all, this is his world, and it will grow with Pepyaka. And at the edge of this world, the Wizard will ensure the paints do not run out.


Nice to meet you, dear friend! I am Xelbr, the creator and keeper of Peplandia, also known as Marina, a game artist and illustrator from Finland. You can follow me through the links below :)