Fable Creatures

Extraordinary inhabitants of Peplandia, whose existence is questioned, and stories about them become overgrown with legends.

Steam Spirit portrait

Steam Spirit


Total relaxation: stress and pain will go away!

Fairy inhabitant of the hidden forest sauna.

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Leprechaun portrait



Entrepreneurial spirit: he knows how to make money.

A mischievous spirit capable of leaving anyone high and dry.

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Turso portrait



Grasping Tentacles: will reach you even from the far end of the Sea-Ocean.

Thunderstorm of the seas, cyclopean horror of the oceans. His anger is probably because no one calls him by his name.

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Kaino portrait


hoofed, warden

North dance: when Kaino dances, auroras flash in the sky.

Aino's sister, the little guardian of the northern light.

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Mato portrait



Sudden digging: save yourself, whoever can!

A giant inhabitant of the Endless Desert, keeping all the desert dwellers in fear.

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Krampus portrait



Bottomless knapsack: if you are not there, you are not tasty.

Wanders through the forests on the Longest Night in search of tasty treats for the festive table. By dawn, he returns to his cave.

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Forgotten King portrait

Forgotten King


Energy manipulation: truly powerful skill.

The one who slumbers.

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Aino portrait


hoofed, warden

Rainbow bridge: may point the way to buried treasure.

A small cheerful creature responsible for the appearance of a rainbow in the sky.

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Mother of firebirds portrait

Mother of firebirds

eternal, warden

Gift of rebirth: capable of returning ashes to their former shape.

Many legends call the Firebird the only one of its kind. The mother of firebirds could argue if she had time.

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