Lazy Pillow

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Lazy Pillow


Deep sleep: and let the whole world wait.

Also known as the Emperor of Sweet Dreams and the captain of the ship «Krovatka». He considers himself a pirate, although he has never robbed anyone. He loves his pet shark Yum.

Pillow lived peacefully in his forest cabin until a coffee-addicted house elf moved in. The strong coffee aroma filled not only the house but also the entire nearby area, leaving the residents sleepless. After six months, Pillow couldn’t take it anymore. He retrieved his grandfather’s pirate hat from dusty attics and set sail for the sea — to sleep.

The Sea-Ocean greeted him with many adventures, some of which Pillow slept through. Hence, he is not entirely sure where he got the ship «Krovatka», a pet shark Yum, and a plush octopus Shchupa.

Nevertheless, the pirate captain managed to establish the Order of the Fluffy Pillow and started calling himself the Emperor of Sweet Dreams. He sails all over the Sea-Ocean, recruiting followers into his ranks. One of the main missions of the Order’s members is the eradication of coffee (by consuming it, of course), so this diabolical drink doesn’t reach the Emperor and disrupt his sweet slumber. The Order’s motto is «Nothing is real, everything is a bed».

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