Year Guardians

Year guardians, or wardens, are responsible for that every season comes on time. Their job is to show that each month is beautiful in its own way.

Little Acorn portrait

Little Acorn

fairy, warden

January frosts: better put on a warmer coat.

Little Acorn is still quite young, which does not prevent him from sending real frosts to Peplandia.

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Ice Lady portrait

Ice Lady

elemental, warden

February blizzard: I twist, I twirl, I want to confuse!

Only those who survived the storm can enjoy the fabulous beauty of winter.

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Hubble portrait


fairy, warden

March thaw: time to look for snowdrops.

Dreamy spring guardian. He believes that the darkness of winter is behind, and ahead is warmth and light.

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Jingle portrait


elemental, warden

April brooks: prepare paper boats!

Jaunty water spirit. Manages to be everywhere and not ruin the hairstyle.

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Flower Bug portrait

Flower Bug

fairy, warden

May bloom: transforms Peplandia beyond recognition.

With the help of a staff made from a lilac sprig, it gives a short-lived but desirable beauty.

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Summer Flame portrait

Summer Flame

elemental, warden

June night: lighter than day

A spark of a cheerful fire that fills the world with mysticism and light.

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Blueberry portrait


fairy, warden

July heat: will make you dream of a February blizzard.

Resilient keeper of the most hot days.

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Haystack portrait


elemental, warden

August blues: fills Peplandia with longing for summer.

Despite everyone's sadness, Haystack is optimistic. He has seen a lot and feels really mature and needed.

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Koivu portrait


dryad, warden

September leaf fall: the hunt for leprechaun gold is open!

She is proud of her golden hair and hopes no one sees her in winter.

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Sieni portrait


mushroom, warden

October showers: perfect time to remind everyone that sentient mushrooms are inedible.

He knows that the most important thing in autumn is to get cozy.

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Leshy portrait


plant, warden

November darkness: it's always darkest before the dawn.

A little scary, but still the good-natured guardian, lighting the way for all who have lost their way and hope.

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Joulutonttu portrait


tonttu, warden

December huddle: brings a Christmas mood and crispy snow.

Last but not least, guardian of the year. He is a ski master, old but still merry and energetic.

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