Joulutonttu portrait


tonttu, warden

December huddle: brings a Christmas mood and crispy snow.

Last but not least, guardian of the year. He is a ski master, old but still merry and energetic.

Every December, Joulutonttu comes down from The Mighty Mountains, bringing crisp snow and winter fairytales.

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Little Acorn

fairy, warden

January frosts: better put on a warmer coat.

Little Acorn is still quite young, which does not prevent him from sending real frosts to Peplandia.

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plant, warden

November darkness: it's always darkest before the dawn.

A little scary, but still the good-natured guardian, lighting the way for all who have lost their way and hope.

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Bottomless knapsack: if you are not there, you are not tasty.

Wanders through the forests on the Longest Night in search of tasty treats for the festive table. By dawn, he returns to his cave.

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