Koivu portrait


dryad, warden

September leaf fall: the hunt for leprechaun gold is open!

She is proud of her golden hair and hopes no one sees her in winter.

Slender Koivu considers herself the most beautiful dryad and does not miss the opportunity to remind her sisters that no one else but she was chosen as the guardian of September.

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dryad, spirit

Woodland music: the magic of nature itself is hidden in its tunes.

The ghost of a maple dryad inhabiting a guitar.

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elemental, warden

August blues: fills Peplandia with longing for summer.

Despite everyone's sadness, Haystack is optimistic. He has seen a lot and feels really mature and needed.

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mushroom, warden

October showers: perfect time to remind everyone that sentient mushrooms are inedible.

He knows that the most important thing in autumn is to get cozy.

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Entrepreneurial spirit: he knows how to make money.

A mischievous spirit capable of leaving anyone high and dry.

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