Leshy portrait


plant, warden

November darkness: it's always darkest before the dawn.

A little scary, but still the good-natured guardian, lighting the way for all who have lost their way and hope.

The old ent well understands how important it is to keep the inner light and turn to this light in the darkest moments when it seems that all the good things are already behind.

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Special decoction: takes you to the unknown.

Lives in the swamps. Eats mushrooms, listens to the wind, and falls into a trance.

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dryad, spirit

Woodland music: the magic of nature itself is hidden in its tunes.

The ghost of a maple dryad inhabiting a guitar.

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mushroom, warden

October showers: perfect time to remind everyone that sentient mushrooms are inedible.

He knows that the most important thing in autumn is to get cozy.

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tonttu, warden

December huddle: brings a Christmas mood and crispy snow.

Last but not least, guardian of the year. He is a ski master, old but still merry and energetic.

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