Sieni portrait


mushroom, warden

October showers: perfect time to remind everyone that sentient mushrooms are inedible.

He knows that the most important thing in autumn is to get cozy.

One of the few Griblandia residents who maintain contact with the outside world. He often visits the Hidden Grove to get leaves for making tea.

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Healing touch: swift and efficient help.

Also known as Forest Enchantress. She lives in the Hidden Grove among the forest spirits.

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Healing extract: it is not a panacea but tasty.

Generous keeper of rose hips. It is proud of its spring hair and is always ready to treat you with tea.

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Lingonberry Sisters


Berry elemental: they know how to stand up for themselves, uniting into something powerful.

Inseparable guardian spirits of lingonberries that fill the forest with fun and laughter.

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dryad, warden

September leaf fall: the hunt for leprechaun gold is open!

She is proud of her golden hair and hopes no one sees her in winter.

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plant, warden

November darkness: it's always darkest before the dawn.

A little scary, but still the good-natured guardian, lighting the way for all who have lost their way and hope.

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