Summer Flame

Summer Flame portrait

Summer Flame

elemental, warden

June night: lighter than day

A spark of a cheerful fire that fills the world with mysticism and light.

While the inhabitants of Peplandia enjoy the summer days, Flame makes sure a spark does not grow into a dangerous fire. This is especially true on the Longest Day with its customary to light bonfires, hold round dances and drink strawberry lemonade.

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Profitable contract: don't forget to read the attachments.

Fulfills desires, but with nuances.

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Flower Bug

fairy, warden

May bloom: transforms Peplandia beyond recognition.

With the help of a staff made from a lilac sprig, it gives a short-lived but desirable beauty.

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fairy, warden

July heat: will make you dream of a February blizzard.

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Mother of firebirds

eternal, warden

Gift of rebirth: capable of returning ashes to their former shape.

Many legends call the Firebird the only one of its kind. The mother of firebirds could argue if she had time.

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