Alpakkia is a country located far beyond the Sea-ocean. Few have travelled there, but all unanimously tell incredible stories of rainbow-coloured mountains, hidden treasures, and fierce, savage warriors. Almost every aspect of these lands is shrouded in mystery. Legends also speak of the unusual trees that are said to hold the most cryptic secrets of Peplandia.

Notable places

  • All-colored mountains – amazing mountain formations, a breathtaking view of which opens from the coast.
  • Yak Pasture – the most ordinary pasture, standing out sharply from everything else.
  • Sun Tree Valley – some believe this is where the fabulous Firebird lives.
  • The source of Coffee – a sacred place.
  • Abandoned Carrot Temple – the ancient cult left its traces in these lands as well.



hoofed, warden

Rainbow bridge: may point the way to buried treasure.

A small cheerful creature responsible for the appearance of a rainbow in the sky.

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Mother of firebirds

eternal, warden

Gift of rebirth: capable of returning ashes to their former shape.

Many legends call the Firebird the only one of its kind. The mother of firebirds could argue if she had time.

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