The Darkside


The mystical reflection of Peplandia, the realm of spirits and strayed souls. There are not many who can get here, and only a few are able to return back. It is always dusk here and it seems like it is about to dawn, but it never happens.

The Darkside is inhabited by a variety of creatures, but primarily by demons and spirits. The latter are mostly harmless. Sometimes the spirit becomes a nightmare and can cause harm. Then the gloomy Angler, the ruler of the Darkside, sends his loyal servants to capture the nightmare.

Notable places

  • Hunter’s House – it is located in the very same spot as the Shaman’s hut in the swamps, but the Shaman’s brother lives in it.
  • Kummakivi – one might think that this is an exact copy of the stone located in the Druid Forest. In fact, the stone exists outside of time and space, and therefore is always a unique original.
  • Angler’s Grounds – the darkest depths of the Darkside, where even nightmares do not dare to come.




Unexpected bite: don't put a finger in the mouth.

Looking for a place to hide unwanted junk? Mimic is the answer! The safety of things and limbs is not guaranteed.

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Soul glance: what's he staring at?!

The mysterious inhabitant of the Darkside. Pepyaka will meet him someday.

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Forgotten King


Energy manipulation: truly powerful skill.

The one who slumbers.

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