The Endless Desert


The Endless Desert is a world of contrasts. Here, uninhabited sandy expanses are combined with the bustle of a busy oriental bazaar, where you can find everything but lose yourself. Even the desert dwellers seem to have adopted the features of the surroundings, balancing on the edge of virtue and self-interest.

Notable places

  • Oriental Bazaar – a bustling market attracting representatives from different lands and worlds
  • Sphinx Labyrinth – a labyrinth of mysteries that promises incredible rewards for the lucky ones. Others will remain within its walls forever.
  • Infested Lands – a dangerous area that contains traces of forgotten events that apparently occurred BP (Before Pepyaka).




Fulfilment of desires: one good turn deserves another.

Likes to help others but does not like to work. Adores his aunt.

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Profitable contract: don't forget to read the attachments.

Fulfills desires, but with nuances.

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Third eye: witnesses your future.

Well aware of the future, but cannot retell it clearly. Her van can often be spotted at the Oriental Bazaar.

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Summer Flame

elemental, warden

June night: lighter than day

A spark of a cheerful fire that fills the world with mysticism and light.

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Sudden digging: save yourself, whoever can!

A giant inhabitant of the Endless Desert, keeping all the desert dwellers in fear.

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