The Mighty Mountains


At first glance, the Mighty Mountains are uninhabited and inaccessible. Nevertheless, it is a home to a variety of creatures, from tiny to gigantic.

According to legend, however, a strong-willed and pure-hearted traveler can find the path to the Heart of the Mountain. But what awaits him there, the legend is silent.

Notable places

  • Crystal Cave – a place of amazing beauty that hides the legendary statue of the Crystal Carrot.
  • Kivimaa – settlement of sentient minerals.
  • Witch’s Hut – an inconspicuous house at the foot of the mountains.
  • Gigantti’s Bed – according to legends, it is located far in the mountains, but it can only be recognized from the vantage point of a bird’s flight.
  • Krampus’s Den – dwelling of the Longest Night’s main antagonist.
  • Ruins of the Carrot Temple – the remains of a once majestic temple, which over time became a dangerous and therefore incredibly curious place.




Weather control: disperses the clouds with his ears.

Being the biggest bunny, balances the smallness of Pepyaka. They say you can find his bed far in the mountains.

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Night vision: to intimidate late travelers.

Lives at the foot of the mountains in a cozy hut. Prefers to sleep during the day and fly on a broom at night.

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Perfect mimicry: Helps hide from prying eyes.

It's a boulder... It's a mossy hummock... It's a stone elemental!

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Ice Lady

elemental, warden

February blizzard: I twist, I twirl, I want to confuse!

Only those who survived the storm can enjoy the fabulous beauty of winter.

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tonttu, warden

December huddle: brings a Christmas mood and crispy snow.

Last but not least, guardian of the year. He is a ski master, old but still merry and energetic.

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Bottomless knapsack: if you are not there, you are not tasty.

Wanders through the forests on the Longest Night in search of tasty treats for the festive table. By dawn, he returns to his cave.

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